Asian Edamame Slaw…potluck rockstar


We are quickly approaching another long, summer, holiday weekend.  I wanted to share a crowd favorite for those upcoming potlucks and gatherings.

Asian Slaw recipe card

From the kitchen of 716

I usually double the recipe, share one and keep one for our family to enjoy.  If you are  chopping you might as well get a meal off the agenda for the week.  This salad is great as a stand alone side dish or add chicken or shrimp for a hearty summertime meal.

Asian slaw potluck players

Asian edamame slaw potluck players

I chop and prepare all ingredients listed above.  I prepare the dressing in a separate bowl or mason jar and toss with chopped ingredients just before serving.

Asian slaw chopped and ready for dressing

Asian edamame slaw chopped and ready for dressing

 It’s a healthy, colorful addition for that next summertime get together or anytime.  Enjoy!

Asian edamame slaw/ potluck rockstar

Asian edamame slaw/ potluck rockstar




    • littlemrssevenonesix says

      Hi Jennifer…it is delicious…let me know what everyone thinks post cookout…enjoy!

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