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716 living/dining room/  Jill DiMartino/VintageKC Magazine

716 living & dining room
Jill DiMartino/VintageKC Magazine

This month 716 and it’s renovations were featured in VintageKC Magazine. If you would like to see the entire article and summer issue you can check it out here:


 If you love the magazine like I do, you can subscribe and follow VintageKC here:


Using the beautiful photographs via Jill DiMartino & VintageKC, I will in this post – and post to follow –  highlight some my favorite decorating layers at 716. Details like tchotchkes, art and today…pillows.

I love a good mix of texture, colors and pattern in a room.  I like to approach decorating a room like looking at a three tier cake.  The base and foundation of the cake in this decorating example would be things like a sofa, wall color or even room layout.  The design middle layer is lighting, window treatments, or even area rugs.  Pillows are a top layer decorative item.  Often inexpensive, these design powerhouses can add texture, pattern and visual harmony to a space by helping bring the room together.

As I’ve mentioned several times before there are no true design rules, at least not in my world.  However it does help to have some food for thought when considering an update using new pillows. 

  • Size may matter – choosing larger pillows (18X24) may help to showcase a pattern or design.
  •  Mix it up – choosing pillows of varying size and shape creates layer within the layer.  Shoot for odd numbers of pillows that will be asymmetrically pleasing.
  • Squish or stiff – it has to be purposeful. If you are team squish, choose feather down type pillow fills.  Stiff and structured more your style?  Foam and synthetic fills are the name of the game.
  •  It’s all relative – keep in mind we are using pillows to create one big happy family within a room.  Although avoiding matchy match, choosing pillows who’s design are relative to the colors and elements in your room will help contribute to the warmth of the space.
  • The “these pillows suck” cover up – shopping gold mines like Etsy feature uber talented, independent vendors that can create the pillow covers you need.  Search Etsy by color or print and simply contact the shop owner if you need a specific size.  Consider purchasing new covers for existing pillows or shop thrift stops for throw pillows in the size you need.  You are one hot water wash and Etsy purchase away from a new look.
716 Living Room Jill DiMartino/VintageKC Magazine

716 Living Room
Jill DiMartino/VintageKC Magazine

The photo above is our living room at 716.  Our sectional features several pillows in a variety patterns that I love.  One large buffalo check beige and white pillow anchor each end of the sofa. Buffalo check has been a long time favorite of mine.  It’s pattern is masculine but traditional and plays well in the design sand box with other patterns. I purchased these 24X24 beauties on Etsy:

Buffalo Check custom pillow covers/yiayias on Etsy

Buffalo Check custom pillow covers yiayias on Etsy


I never met an animal print I didn’t like, including the latest trend – Dalmatian print.  To showcase its buffalo check dance partner on the sofa, I chose these 16X20 lumbar pair.  Check out Julie’s shop – on Etsy here:

Dalmatian pillow covers/Blossom Pillow Co on Etsy

Dalmatian pillow covers Blossom Pillow Co on Etsy


Throughout 716 you will find silhouettes.  I cannot get enough.  The mantle in our living room is peppered with several silhouettes as is the adjoining dining and entry.  To add a personal touch while creating one big happy aesthetic family, I added a LaLa silhouette pillow.  Full body, Fido, oversized & patterned – the skies the limit.  Check out Angela’s beautiful pillows and more at her fantastic shop…Simply Silhouettes.

Simply Silhouettes Silhouette pillows

Simply Silhouettes
Silhouette pillows


The large hot air balloon pillow is from Anthropology.  I was browsing the bargain bin when I spotted this gem.  Where do you put a large, hot air balloon pillow with a quote about crickets?  No time for that now – this $154 pillow was on sale for $17.  Fast forward to me making tracks to checkout like a hot knife through butter and cue celebration by Kool and the Gang.

Hot air balloon pillow/purchased by a bargain ninja

Hot air balloon pillow Purchased by a bargain ninja

Because local retailers don’t always carry pillow forms in the size or shape we need, check out Pillowflex on Etsy.  Made in America and great prices and selection.  You can find their shop here:


With so many affordable and unique options, don’t be afraid to ask yourself “why not?” instead of letting a big update keep you paralyzed by “what if”.  Tired of all this pillow talk?  Perhaps this beauty is more your style?

Be nice or leave pillow/adidit on Etsy

Be nice or leave pillow Adidit on Etsy




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