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As we tackled the renovations at 716 one of the first purchases made was our kitchen lighting.  First and foremost we wanted work horse lights that were as unique as they were purposeful.  Good lighting sets the tone for the room but because kitchen lighting is used for as variety of things, from cooking to homework, choosing the right light is key.  No matter how wonderful the appliances and textiles, without good lighting you and your kitchen could be left in the dark.  Below is some lighting food for thought – good for existing kitchens or remodeling projects:

  1. Blending and layering natural. task and accent light helps to create a well-balanced room.
  2. Consider a dimmer to adjust lighting needs.  Dimmer switches also help to coordinate lighting within a room.
  3. Avoid lighting the kitchen with a single, overhead light source.  Your kitchen could end up with glare and shadows.
  4. Like real estate, lighting is about location, location, location.
  5. Create a plan around your top kitchen activities and where they occur. Remember that lights and switch placement are essential.

All roads on Pinterest led us to Barn Light Electric for our kitchen lighting.  Based in Florida, Barn Light Electric is rooted in American craftsmanship and quality – bringing vintage and barn lighting into the 20th century.  Their website is loaded with styles and prices for everyone and every budget.

Barn Light Electric styles

photos via Barn Light Electric website

 716 was featured recently on Barn Light Electric’s blog.  You can read the post here:

Barn Light Electric Blog

Barn Light Electric Blog

Barn Light Electric is leading the way in American made, quality lighting.  Looking for inspiration?  Head over to the Barn Light Electric website and their blog for ideas galore.

Barn Light Electric

Photos courtesy of Emily Coleman via Barn Light Electric blog

Pendant barn light

photos via Barn Light Electric

Also, if you are in the lighting “market,” be sure to follow the Barn Light Electric folks and others suppliers you fancy via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for great offers like this:

Barn Light Electric Tweet/Discount

Barn Light Electric Tweet/Discount

Still hungry for lighting suggestions?  Check out little mrs lights I love board on Pinterest with the link below.

little mrs lights I love via littlemrs716 pinterest

little mrs lights I love
via littlemrs716 pinterest



  1. thorntonlives says

    Little Mrs. Thank you for your lighting suggestions. I know this is a little off subject, but I hate fluorescent lighting! What kind of bulbs do you recommend, and what kind of wattage. I like good lighting, especially in the kitchen where I am working, but I hate harsh lighting as well! Help!!

    • littlemrssevenonesix says

      Kitchen lighting is tough. You want it to be useful without be offensive. Do you have some recessed lights overhead in the kitchen Sherry? If so I would recommend 60 watt bulbs for those…if you have dark fixtures overhead an 80 to 100 watt bulb should do the trick. What kind of overhead fixture do you have? Do you love the new lighting fixture you added?

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