Two Truths and a Lie – Social Media version


#socialmedia #isconfusing.  Tweets, followers, OOTD (outfit of the day) filtered via Insta.  BTW, learning the slang, acronyms and internet lingo is not that GR8 when you are north of 40, OMG.  Thank goodness I am not the only person confused.  Recently the FBI released an 83 page guide to twitter shorthand and slang.  Emojis and snapchats guide sold separately.

Social media explained

Social media explained


Today the world is being filtered via the lens of 200 million Instagrammers. 50 million have joined the platform in the last 6 months.  If you know someone who takes #epic #selfies here are a few of my favorite products for #instagratitude

The Instagram Pillow
The Instagram coin purse
The Instagram mini sticker book
Personalized framed Instagram Wall Art Collage


I believe that social media has improved our everyday lives.

Ummmm……jury’s out.

Has  this electronic social show and tell made us less social?  No doubt these media platforms have revolutionized communication.  It has dramatically changed the way we interact and the number of folks we interact with daily.  Keeping up with the changes can be daunting.  The silver lining:  who could have imagined the movement like the ice bucket challenge?  Upwards of 80 million dollars raised thus far utilizing social platforms to raise awareness and  money to help fight ALS.  So while I miss those old school origami secret notes from long ago, I will press on.  Instead of tweeting DILLIGAFF (does it look like I give a flying flip) I will continue to embrace #TBT and that’s a #TRUFAX.

Old school social media

Old school social media

1. Heads up 7-up  2. Origami folded secret crush notes  3. 80’s fortune teller   4. MASH game, modern electronic version can be found HERE.


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