House Number Cutting Boards

As autumn quickly approaches I am jonesing for added richness and textures in my decorating palette.  To help spice up my fall home decor, I tackled an easy house number cutting board project that combines the texture I longed for with another one of my favorites – typography.

For this project I wanted to place 716 on two separate boards to display together behind our kitchen sink.  For the 716 cutting boards I used a 4 inch number stencil from Michael’s Craft Store.

House number cutting boards

House number cutting boards

Before I began stenciling our house numbers I placed the boards behind our sink to get a feel for what height was right for the numbers.  It’s helpful to get an idea where the faucet will be and how much space you have to get the most impact.

House number cutting boards

House number cutting boards

I placed a 7 on one board and a 16 on the other.  I liked the look of stacking the two boards and breaking up the numbers added some visual interest.

House number cutting boards

House number cutting boards

When shopping for cutting boards, I searched for one that was slightly larger than the other to stagger the height.  The wood in the cutting boards instantly warms up the sink space and compliments the other finishes.

Up close cutting boards

House number cutting boards

Minimal cost, minimal time – these house number cutting boards are a win-win for simple fall decorating or anytime.



  1. says

    Hey there, I found your FB page and saw these and fell in love! I am not quite ready for fall, but these make me want to grab my sweater and a cup of hot cider. Awesome. Pinned!

    • littlemrssevenonesix says

      Kim I am so glad to connect with you! I am ready for for fall but my house…not quite yet. It’s my favorite season!


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