August Warehouse weekend round up

Warehouse weekend 1

Hip hip hooray for Kansas City warehouse weekends in the West Bottoms. Here’s a round-up of some of the August treasures that caught my eye and put a spring in my step. Inspiration, collections and bargains galore. Easy to wear threads that honor self-expression, hometown pride and Johnny Cash. Countless options to help you get… 

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Two Truths and a Lie – Part Two

Blog post 716 living room

If you are new to my blog – thanks for stopping by.  If you are a return friend – thanks for coming back.  I am learning quickly that my Blog readers are virtual friends and neighbors – and I appreciate you visiting. Today’s post is a series that I share every other week or so…. 

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Two Truths and a Lie


Remember the iconic ice-breaker game two truths and a lie?  I plan to bring that concept to my blog in the coming weeks. The main difference in my blogging version…no need to guess which is my untruth.  Feel free to leave a comment and spill your own truths – or lies for that matter.  Here we… 

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Midwest alfresco

716 Al Fresco summer supper time

   Alfresco in Italian literally translates to “in the fresh.”  In just a few short weeks back to school shopping will begin and with that harsh reality front and center, I have taken to indulging in some of life’s simplest summer pleasures.  One of my favorites is dining Alfresco.  If you are like us, eating… 

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Lighting beyond the barn

Barn Light Electric Tweet

As we tackled the renovations at 716 one of the first purchases made was our kitchen lighting.  First and foremost we wanted work horse lights that were as unique as they were purposeful.  Good lighting sets the tone for the room but because kitchen lighting is used for as variety of things, from cooking to… 

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Anatomy of an American porch

Front porch lighting

I often say that 716’s front porch – is the best seat in the house.  Nothing says Americana more boldly than a front porch.  In many ways our porches in America represent a cultural ideal of family, community, and a bridge between the outside world to our living rooms.  As we prepare to celebrate this… 

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Asian Edamame Slaw…potluck rockstar

Asian slaw potluck players

  We are quickly approaching another long, summer, holiday weekend.  I wanted to share a crowd favorite for those upcoming potlucks and gatherings. I usually double the recipe, share one and keep one for our family to enjoy.  If you are  chopping you might as well get a meal off the agenda for the week…. 

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It’s a sign…rules are a myth

716 backyard/bird girl

  Recently our family loaded up and headed south to one of our favorite spots, Tybee Island, Georgia (more on this glorious place in a later post.) Tybee is just minutes South of another of our favorites – Savannah GA.  A quintessential southern city. Rich food, history, stunning architecture and lush squares lend themselves to… 

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