Football schedule chalkboard

Football chalkboard

Do the autumn weekends ahead include Chili and Football around your house?  Take a page from my decorating playbook and celebrate team spirit with this fall football chalkboard schedule. Choose a chalkboard to fit your space.  I like an easel style chalkboard that is mobile and can easily display the 716 hometown favorite.  It sure… 

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Hooked on Houses Features 716

Hooked on Houses

I have been a long time follower of Julia and her Hooked on Houses Blog (You can find the HOH Blog and others via “Blogs I read” section.)  I love her mix of common folk remodels (like us) as well as houses that I have always admired on television or in  movies.  Yes…my name is Becki and… 

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House Number Cutting Boards

As autumn quickly approaches I am jonesing for added richness and textures in my decorating palette.  To help spice up my fall home decor, I tackled an easy house number cutting board project that combines the texture I longed for with another one of my favorites – typography. For this project I wanted to place… 

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Fall Leaves Silhouette Pumpkins

Summer is in our rearview mirrors and fall is upon us.  Fall decorating is in full swing at 716.  In the coming days I will share a few of my favorite fall decorating projects.  One of my recent favorites – this simple fall leaves silhouette pumpkin project. I found my pumpkins at Old Time Pottery… 

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Milestone Event Wedding Gift Basket

Let me begin by saying that I am not a fan of stock wedding gifts.  Egyptian cotton, sterling silver picture frames, Crate and Barrel baking dishes….I find it all, zzzzzzz, boring.  My aversion for traditional gift giving is rooted in the registry process.  I was even uncomfortable with the concept as a bride to be…. 

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